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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Substitute Typist Clerks (District Wide)

Duties:    Support staff with data entry, phones, emails and other clerical responsibilities.                                      

$16.00/hr, as needed
Substitute School Monitor (District Wide)

2023-24 School Year (subject to annual reappointment)

Duties:  Supervise students throughout the school building including the halls, cafeteria, common areas, during indoor and outdoor recess, and at arrival and/or dismissal

$17.00/hr, as needed
Substitute Teacher Aide (District Wide)

2023-24 School Year (subject to annual reappointment)

Duties:    Assists teacher with classroom routines and student supervision throughout the day.                                            

$17.00/hr, as needed
Substitute Bus Attendant

Description: Supervise students riding the school bus on an “as needed basis” in accordance with the established rules for conduct and safety. Load and unload students on bus; maintain order on the bus; attend to students with special needs; ensure students are seated while the bus is in motion; report any unusual, improper, irregular, or unsafe situations; handle other related duties, as needed.                                         

$17.00/hr, as needed

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